I’m Hitomi, web developer from Japan.

When I was 22, I was working as an ordinary office worker at an IT company. One day, a senior developer found me building macros in Excel with VBA to automate routine tasks. He was impressed and asked me if I wanted to join his developer team. This is how I started my developer career without any prior experience or knowledge about IT. I served as a C#.NET programmer for several years there.

In 2011, there was a severe natural disaster occurred in Japan. In the aftermath chaos I witnessed how SNS and the internet services stand out in such emergency situations. The experience made me wanting to be part of the creators, not only the users. I steered my career into web development since then.

I’ve been freelancing since 2014. There are countless websites I have participated as front-end or WordPress developer. I never make compromises and my clients are often happy with the speed and accuracy of my work, or the cleanliness of my source codes.

In 2016, I moved from Tokyo to the northern area of Japan. Even with today’s technology and the internet, it’s sometimes challenging to keep up this job in the countryside. But it’s fun. Now I’m living in a beautiful place surrounded by the ocean and mountains, with my husband and two cats.

I love playing the piano. I’ve been doing so since five years old and recently started writing pieces myself.

And I happen to be very good at Japanese language.


I’m available for works described below.

HTML/CSS markup

I turn design comp provided in AI or PSD file format into HTML/CSS, and JavaScript if needed. Responsive design is welcome, too. I put importance on accessibility, SEO and page speed. I make sure it passes various cross-browser tests and W3C validations.


I’m capable of installation, customisation and theme/plugin coding for WordPress, any tasks except for designing. I have a deep knowledge of WordPress based on rich experience.

Installation and customisation

I can handle various tasks including installing WordPress itself, setting up custom post types, internationalising the site and implementing a custom feature utilising existing plugin’s hooks, etc.

Theme development

I code WordPress theme out of design data provided in AI or PSD file format. I comply with official development guidelines so that my themes are compatible with WordPress’s core features and ready to work properly with existing plugins.

I’m also capable of customising an existing theme or developing a child theme of it.

My original theme is now listed in WordPress’s official theme directory. See here for more details.

Plugins development

When the site needs rather complex features, I might propose to separate the function from theme and develop respectively. This makes developers possible to update design independently without touching the complex part in the future.

My original plugin is now listed in WordPress’s official plugin directory. See here for more details.



My past works include:

and so on.

I’m not free to showcase here most of actual websites I’ve been involved in, so instead let me introduce my personal projects.

Noto Simple (WordPress theme)

My original WordPress theme listed in its official theme directory. It is published after passing strict review process to make sure it follows the guidelines.

I aimed to create a deadly simple theme which is unexpectedly hard to find. If you have a WordPress site, you can find and use the theme by searching it on admin screen navigated by ‘Appearance’ => ‘Themes’.

See demo
See source code
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Underscore S

Noto Font Loader (WordPress plugin)

My original WordPress plugin listed in its official plugin directory. It chooses and loads appropriate Noto Font depending on the site’s locale. I developed it to display East Asian languages seamlessly on western-made themes, liking Noto’s concept to render every language correctly.

See source code
Technologies used: PHP, WPPB, SVN

This website

This very website you are currently looking at is built with Jekyll and is running on GitHub Pages. Page contents are written in MarkDown format.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MarkDown, Jekyll, GitHub Pages

Blog setup (Node.js)

The blog linked above is composed of back-end built with Strapi and front-end built with Gatsby. It uses React and customised Milligram CSS. As a PWA, it provides native-app-like UI when accessed on smartphones.

Technologies used: Strapi, Gatsby, React, GraphQL, Milligram CSS, Git, Netlify, MongoDB Atlas

N-puzzle (web app)

A puzzle game coded with JavaScript. Coded myself from scratch including the game logic. As a PWA, it provides native-app-like UI when accessed on smartphones.

See source code
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), WorkBox, Webpack (previously Gulp), Git, Netlify

Tally Counter (web app)

A counter app built on top of Create React App. This is useful in situations where you want to count something with tally marks. As a PWA, it provides native-app-like UI when accessed on smartphones.

See source code
Technologies used: JavaScript, Create React App, Material UI, Git, Netlify

Two Player Othello (web app)

An Othello game (Reversi) written with JavaScript and Vue.js. This app doesn’t have a brain so you need two human players to use it. But the game logic was coded by me from scratch. Currently published as a simple static web page.

Technologies used: JavaScript, Vue.js


Feel free to contact me!

Other than business inquiries, I’d be happy to connect with many people from IT industry or freelancers like me. If emailing feels too formal then follow me on SNS linked at the bottom of this page.